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  • ♥ Cute new photo of Robert Sheehan & Magda Szubanski on set of #ThreeSummers! If you haven't already, do yourselves a favour and follow the official Facebook page for upcoming news, competitions and exclusive content! Head over to and click 'Like'. (:
  • ♥ I met the lovely Robert Sheehan on the weekend at the world premiere afterparty for #ThreeSummers! @melbfilmfest 🙈💕
  • ♡ Another lovely photo of Robert Sheehan on the red carpet for the world premiere of Ben Elton's #ThreeSummers at the Melbourne International Film Festival, 12 August 2017. | Via @melbfilmfest. See link in bio for them all!
  • ♡ Robert Sheehan & some theremin action at #MIFF2017 #ThreeSummers world premiere afterparty, 12 August 2017. Link in bio for more! Via @melbfilmfest
  • ♡ Robert Sheehan at the #ThreeSummers In conversation during the Melbourne International Film Festival, 13 August 2017. #cropped | See link in bio for more.
  • ♡ Robert Sheehan & @rebeccaebreeds yesterday at the #ThreeSummers @melbfilmfest Talks in Conversation with Ben Elton, 13 Aug 2017. #repost
  • ♡ RobMSheehan: Ben waxing lyrical (big surprise) and me and @rebeccaebreeds at the premiere of #ThreeSummers 🎉 #MIFF | #repost 12/08 Twitter
  • ♡ Robert Sheehan & @rebeccaebreeds looking gorgeous on the red carpet for the world premiere of Ben Elton's #ThreeSummers at the Melbourne International Film Festival, 12 August 2017. (More later) See link in bio for high resolutions!
  • ♡ A lovely new Festival poster has been released for Ben Elton's comedy film #ThreeSummers starring Robert Sheehan & Rebecca Breeds. In Australian cinemas November 2, hopefully more countries announced soon! (Link in bio for the HQ)

Latest Projects

Jet Trash
Role: Lee
Status: Completed
Release: Dec 9, 2016 (UK)
Fortitude (TV Series) S2
Role: Vladek
Status: Completed
Release: 2017/Aired
Song of Sway Lake
Role: Nikolai
Status: Completed
Release: June 21, 2017 (LA Film Festival)
Three Summers
Role: Roland
Status: Completed
Release: Nov 2, 2017 (Aus)
Role: Duncan
Status: Completed
Release: Oct 20, 2017 (US/UK)
Role: TBA
Status: Completed
Release: 2017 (Netflix)
Dicky (Short)
Role: TBA
Status: Post-production
Release: 2017
Bad Samaritan
Role: Sean Falco
Status: Completed filming
Release: Spring 2018
Mortal Engines
Role: Tom Natsworthy
Status: Filming (NZ)
Release: Dec 2018
Invisible Sun
Role: Yazzer
Status: TBA
Release: TBA
This Family
Role: Danny
Status: TBA
Release: TBA
The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight
Role: Oliver
Status: Pre-production
Release: TBA

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New “Moonwalkers” video featuring new scenes!

October 22nd, 2015
Fran (Admin)

A new Moonwalkers video (in French) has been released with Tom Audenaert and Erika Sainte who talk about the upcoming comedy. We get to see some new scenes with Rob, Rupert Grint and Ron Perlman! The film will be first released to Japan on 14 November. Check out the full list via imdb!



Video: Watch Rob’s hilarious argument on why sex is better than food! + Q&A

October 19th, 2015
Fran (Admin)

Rob was at The Hist today to receive his Burke Medal for Outstanding Contribution to Discourse through the Arts! While he was there he was debating with his brother Brendan on what is better; food or sex… watch the Sheehan’s entertaining arguments along with others to find out which one prevails! The video also includes the Q&A so check it out below, along with a nice review of the night further down by The University Times.


A Buzz in the GMB Chamber for the Hist’s Robert Sheehan Event

By Róisín Power |

The buzz in the chamber of the GMB was infectious, as everybody anxiously awaited to see the strapping form of Ireland’s own Robert Sheehan. This was not going to be any old “Hist Speaks with…” this was going to be a comedy debate, at the request of Sheehan himself. The topic of the afternoon: “This house would choose sex over food”.

First things first though: Robert was invited to accept the Burke Medal for his Outstanding Contribution to Discourse through the Arts, which he accepted with shock and mentioned how much money he could make from melting the medal down, not his first joke of the afternoon, and certainly not the last.

Through the first two speakers we heard how food and sex are vastly similar and how M&S ads are basically “soft porn”. However, this was not what the crowd had queued outside for an hour for. When it was finally Robert’s turn to speak – in favour of the motion – we anticipated comedy and possibly a run of off topic, but he matched, if not did better, than the seasoned debaters around him. He spoke with purpose, and weighed in on stereotypes of students, speaking how students don’t know how to cook anyway, and surely we are better suited to “fucking like rabbits” in our spare time. A reasonable assumption – but he went on to give the benefits of sex and how it releases endorphins and puts a spring in our step, and how the cure to not being able to get up to go to lectures was essentially sex. We were clued in to how Robert Sheehan would prefer to di: “In a blaze of glorious sex, rather than being put in a coffin that my relatives cannot carry”. Looking at his brother across the table, it was hard to believe that this ex-body builder couldn’t lift anything.

After a resounding “aye” coursed through the crowd in favour of the motion, it was time for the Q&A session. The ice was broken with the question of what Sheehan’s favourite role to date was. He responded with how his current role as Richard III on the London stage is by far his favourite, if not his most challenging. Later, he explained how emotionally draining he found it, but in a satisfying way: “You get home at the end of the day and you don’t have the energy to take your socks off without breaking into tears.”

Robert went on to explain how his preparation for his role in The Road Within, where he plays a young man with debilitating Tourette’s, gave him the opportunity to follow the life of someone with the syndrome and how they cope day to day. And he talked about the fear of misrepresenting such a huge group of people. Other questions put to him included, of course, those about Love/Hate. He told us why he was killed off in season three: as he planned to leave after season two, the motions were put in place to give his character a proper send off, and how he didn’t regret staying for arguably the best season. He also mentioned how Tom Vaughan Lawlor was one of his favourite co-stars purely because of the dramatic and intense scenes gifted to them, and for all the “sitting in the jeep, rain pouring down and he [Tom] is just there snarling at me”.

Sheehan finished by giving an extensive list of those he would like to work with, including “MC Fassy-B” (Michael Fassbender), and the “frustratingly talented” Daniel Day-Lewis.


The Wars of the Roses official trailer released!

October 15th, 2015
Fran (Admin)

The official trailer for the theatre production The Wars of the Roses has been released! Check it out below! Reviews are coming in strong, go book your tickets quick if you haven’t been to see Rob’s amazing performance yet! Ends October 31. Visit

5 Stars! ‘Exhilarating, courageous, essential’- The Telegraph


Robert Sheehan and others talk to The Empire Podcast at the Edinburgh International Film Festival

June 25th, 2015
Fran (Admin)

June 25, 2015 – The Edinburgh International Film Festival invited the Empire Podcast team back for the second year in a row, and this is the result: over two hours of silly questions, silly answers, movie news and reviews, featuring not one, not two, but three interviews. We spoil you, we know. Rob speaks up at about 36:20


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