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  • ♥ Lovely new still of Robert & Rory Culkin in Ari Gold's @SwayLake! Premieres tomorrow! #repost @arigold
  • ♥ Lovely new photo of Robert & (MaggieRegnault on Twitter) in New Zealand while he's there to film Peter Jackson's #MortalEngines -- See our Twitter for the original tweet/photo.
  • ♥ Check out the wonderful NEW trailer for @arigold's long-awaited @swaylake! Premieres on June 21 at the #LAFilmFestival! Ticket info and full trailer can be found through
  • ♥ Robert Sheehan photographed by #Rankin for Hunger Magazine, 2012. #TB
  • ♥ #Repost @swaylake: Robert Sheehan as Nikolai #comingsoon #swaylake #lafilmfest
  • ♥ Promotional Still of Robert Sheehan as Kay in the film "Season of the Witch" (2011) #TB #HQ
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Jet Trash
Role: Lee
Status: Completed
Release: Dec 9, 2016 (UK)
Fortitude (TV Series) S2
Role: Vladek
Status: Completed
Release: 2017/Aired
Song of Sway Lake
Role: Nikolai
Status: Completed
Release: June 21, 2017 (LA Film Festival)
Three Summers
Role: TBA
Status: Wrapped filming
Release: Aug 2017 (Aus)
Role: Duncan
Status: Completed
Release: Oct 20, 2017 (US/UK)
Role: TBA
Status: Completed
Release: 2017 (Netflix)
Dicky (Short)
Role: TBA
Status: Post-production
Release: 2017
Bad Samaritan
Role: Sean Falco
Status: Completed filming
Release: Spring 2018
Mortal Engines
Role: Tom Natsworthy
Status: Filming (NZ)
Release: Dec 2018
Invisible Sun
Role: Yazzer
Status: TBA
Release: TBA
This Family
Role: Danny
Status: TBA
Release: TBA
The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight
Role: Oliver
Status: Pre-production
Release: TBA

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Video: Robert Sheehan talks Spacehop, Elton John, Airbnb & Ashton Kutcher

January 30th, 2016
Fran (Admin)

Robert Sheehan is Spacehop‘s latest team member as a Strategic Advisor and Investor. He has been involved in helping them get off the ground. Upon hearing about Spacehop the idea just clicked with him. Rob helps out a lot with the look, feel and branding of Spacehop. Check out the very entertaining interview below!


VIDEO: First “Moonwalkers” Press Interview for 2016 – KTNV

January 13th, 2016
Fran (Admin)

The very first press video for Moonwalkers with Robert Sheehan and Rupert Grint has been released today courtesy of KTNV. Watch the lovely lads together again in the interview below:


Video: New “Moonwalkers” Clip! + Release Information for Wilde Stories + More Fault Magazine outtakes!

January 13th, 2016
Fran (Admin)

While we wait for Moonwalkers to release; (this Friday in US cinemas, iTunes & Netflix!) a new clip has been released as well for US viewers. It’s restricted for 18 years and older. (Contains drug references)



In other news – Rob has lent his beautiful Irish voice for Wilde Stories. If you haven’t heard the demo reading of ‘High Above the City‘ yet; it has been re-released on Audioboom (see below). We can expect the full reading of Rob’s soothing narration of Oscar Wilde’s book The Happy Prince sometime in May with events also attached!

Wilde Stories will create a radio broadcast series complete with readings of Wilde’s fairytales and commentary on Wilde’s life works narrated by Robert Sheehan, as well as an original suite of music written by Michael Gallen and a series of artworks by Felicity Clear. Michael’s work will be performed by the RTE Concert Orchestra and Cor na nOg.


Lastly today, there has been more stunning photos released by Joseph Sinclair for issue 22 of Fault Magazine [see here for the interview]. I have all 5 photos in HQ in our photo gallery!

Photography: Joseph Sinclair
Styling: Krishan Parmar


The Toilers crowd funding update

January 4th, 2016
Fran (Admin)

With just 7 days left to help support The Toilers amazing new music video “Banshee Betty” staring Robert Sheehan and Charlie Murphy (Love/Hate), The Toilers have released a nice mood video to give you an idea of the atmosphere and look they’re aiming for. [See previous post]

Head over to the official Indiegogo page to donate before 11th of January and get some nice perks for helping out. (;


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