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Irish star Sheehan is out to crack Hollywood

September 8th, 2015
Fran (Admin)

Robert Sheehan recently spoke to Irish Sun about his upcoming blockbuster Geostorm and how he’d love to be on the same scale as Colin Farrell or Micheal Fassbender. We absolutely think he will, of course! Have a read of the interview below:

FORMER Love/Hate star Robert Sheehan is hoping his new role as an astronaut in a €100million Hollywood blockbuster will put him in the same league as Colin Farrell and Michael Fassbender.

The Portlaoise native, 27, stars alongside Gerard Butler as a budding spaceman battling to save the planet from apocalyptic weather in Geostorm.

Produced by the makers of Independence Day, the natural disaster epic is set to push the young actor onto Tinseltown’s A-list when it hits big screens next year.

And after appearing in a string of low budget independent films since quitting the RTE crime saga two years ago, it’s the big break Sheehan’s been waiting for.

He said: “Geostorm is sort of a near future type sci-fi movie where global warming has essentially exacerbated the weather on Earth which has become humanity’s greatest threat. There’s floods happening and droughts and that sort of s***.

“And we spent six months down in Louisiana, shooting the whole thing at an ex-NASA facility outside New Orleans where they used to build shuttles in the ’70s and ’80s. You think, ‘this is unbelievable’.

“And while getting the big blockbuster was not intentional — because I’ve never measured success on that scale — sometimes actors need the film to reach enough people for it to feel relevant.

So I’m certainly not complaining if it does well. Ultimately, I’d love to have the choice of guys like Michael Fassbender and Colin Farrell.

Quickly making his mark on the industry since moving to LA last year to live with girlfriend, Kingsman star Sofia Boutella, Robert has also landed the lead in forthcoming romance, The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight, opposite Oscar nominee Hailee Steinfeld.

But the actor claims the film is nothing like the typical Hollywood love story.

He explained: “Hailee and I play two people who are wary of love.

“And then they share this long conversation on a flight from New York back to London, and as they’re agreeing about how unlikely it is for real love to prevail in any two people, they start to feel what could be love.

“But it’s going to be like an antidote to these giant, sensational romantic films that have come out in the past five years, like Twilight with lots of beautiful men walking around with no shirts on. Nothing like that.”

Starting young in the industry, the garda’s son was just 15 when he won a small role opposite Aidan Quinn in Song for a Raggy Boy.

He followed that up with bit parts in The Tudors and The Clinic before scooping the lead as a male prostitute in Channel 4’s Red Riding and moving on to supernatural teen drama, Misfits.

Finding fame as trigger-happy Darren Treacy in Love/Hate, Sheehan became an instant household name on these shores.

But the actor bowed out with a bullet to the brain at the end of season three as the ensuing fame from the series was starting to prove a headache.

He said: “I loved that show so much, worked with great people, great crew.


“But I got restless and fame is a toxic side-effect of being a good actor. So that’s been the struggle. These roles become so defining in your career, I wanted to see what else I could do, what else was out there.”

Previously dating Ripper Street actress Charlene McKenna, Robert moved to London and worked on low budget films including Italian World War II drama Anita B and Moonwalkers with Harry Potter actor Rupert Grint.

But the pull of LA’s sun and success proved impossible to resist, not to mention his love for Boutella, and he packed his bags.

He said: “I thought, ‘I could endure another cold winter in London, or box up the four, five boxes of s*** I own in Camden and go to LA and wake up every day with the sun blazing through my window’. Who doesn’t want that? Plus I could explore the work opportunities out there, and yeah, there was a little bit of love involved too.

“But don’t get me wrong, I love to come home. It’s so important to come back and see my family. Just right now, I couldn’t see myself living there.”

Thankfully, the star hasn’t completely turned his back on this side of the pond as fans can catch him next month in his latest big screen British release, The Messenger. Alongside Joely Richardson, Sheehan stars as a troubled soul, tormented by spirits of the dead who force him to contact loved ones, playing havoc with his sanity and state of mind.

And while stretching his acting capabilities, he admits to being a firm disbeliever when it comes to the supernatural.

He said: “Everybody has a friend who has a friend but you never meet the person who it actually happened to. I’m yet to be converted to a full ghost believer. And I didn’t consult with any mediums or supernaturalists because I think they’re all bulls*** artists. They make it up so I wouldn’t believe a word any of those people tell me.”

Even after pal Nicolas Cage — who worked with Robert on 2011 flop Season of the Witch — revealed his own ghostly experience on holiday in Ireland, he still remains a sceptic.

He said: “Nic told me he once did a tour of all the most haunted places in Ireland.

“And I said to him, ‘Did you see any ghosts,’ fully expecting him to say no, and he says, ‘I don’t want to get into it but I had some incredibly supernatural experiences. So scary in fact, I don’t want to go into detail.’ And his face was proper white.

“But I don’t know. Even from the man himself, I still don’t believe.”



Star Robert Sheehan on his struggles with his work/life balance

November 30th, 2013

Robert Sheehan: I’ve banned myself from getting into another relationship because I can’t cope when I’m away from a girlfriend for any length of time

As Love/Hate pin-up Darren he has an army of adoring female admirers. Robert Sheehan’s good looks and puppy-dog eyes transformed him into TV’s hottest property as the crime drama exploded in popularity. But a revealing new interview has exposed a sensitive and insecure side to the 25-year-old actor, who confesses he’s given up on love. Robert said: “Relationships, I have found it difficult because I’m somebody who finds it increasingly difficult to be alone for long periods of time. “I couldn’t be on holiday alone for too long because I would go mad. I allow my thought process to get away from me at times, into a dark place. It feels like there’s no valve, no sounding board to talk things out. I think I am somebody who definitely needs that in my life. I’ve been in one long-term relationship in my life, I found it very difficult to be away from that person for any period of time. So when we were away from each other it was crippling, it was really difficult. It was really hard. I did a film in Belfast and it was a six-and-a-half week stint and she came over once, about half way through, and it nearly killed me. And I was going off at her, I was giving her s**t because I was being alone and going crazy and just needed somebody to cuddle, basically.”

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Love/Hate Reunion

June 20th, 2013


ALL of them may not have managed to survive the violence of the streets – but that didn’t stop them from gathering for a special reunion.

The stars, “living” and “dead”, from the gritty crime drama ‘Love/Hate’ came out in force to cheer on “gang member” Nidge as he took centre stage.

Actor Tom Vaughan-Lawlor, familiar to TV viewers for his portrayal of Nidge in the popular series, took a break from the mean streets to star in the Dublin play, ‘Howie The Rookie’ at the Project Arts Centre.

There to see him perform on opening night were other members of the ‘Love/Hate’ cast – Peter Coonan, who plays Fran, Laurence Kinlan (Elmo) as well as Aidan Gillen (John Boy) and Robert Sheehan (Darren) – both of whose characters were gunned down in earlier series.



Love/Hate News: Darren doesn’t live.

May 17th, 2013

Love/ Hate fans were shocked and delighted when hoodie loving gangster Darren returned to the filming lot.

Darren was mowed down in the season finale last year but after he was snapped on location, speculation mounted about a possible return.

But series writer Stuart Carolan has confirmed Darren is definitely not back from the dead.

“He was filming that’s true but he was shot dead last year,” told The Ray D’Arcy show. “But he’s dead – there is no Bobby Ewing moment.”



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