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Photos: “Three Summers” official Facebook update

August 23rd, 2017
Fran (Admin)

The official Facebook page for Three Summers have shared a whole bunch of photos of Robert Sheehan and others from the set! You may have seen the ones that I posted here back in September last year. Now we have 15, so go check them out!



The Bindjareb (Peel) Region is rich in culture. Before the start of the shoot of Three Summers, Aboriginal Elder and Cultural Advisor for the film Koodah Cornwall carried out a Fire Lighting Ceremony which the whole production team and actors (that were present) took part in. The ceremony symbolised lighting the fire within each one present and starting the journey together on this project. Ben Elton, at the MIFF International Premier of Three Summers, spoke about the significance of the event for him, how moving it was and that it set the scene for the rest of the shoot. After the Fire Lighting Ceremony Ben Elton, Rebecca Breeds and Robert Sheehan did the Chitty Chitty Dance as a sign of respect to an ancient culture and to all those present. The event finished with the Bindjareb Middar Dance Group performing for the team and then the ‘yokai’ shout of celebration and a call to action to start the shoot! Source:

Updated Gallery Links:
“Three Summers” (2017) On Set/Before Filming – 9 Sept 2016 [HQ]

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