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  • Prepare yourselves for #TheNotoriousEpisode9 ... 😱 Tune into #Fortitude tonight at 9PM!
  • #Fortitude S02E08 🚤
  • Robert Sheehan in episode 8 of #Fortitude Season 2. Beautiful! - Message or comment to request an edit from a scene of your choice 💜
  • Lovely photo of Rob in New Zealand with two lucky fans! Via @rondaful78
#lovehate #robertsheehan #wellington #hurricanes
  • Happy Saint Patrick's Day! 🇮🇪 For the occasion, here's a photo of Rob wearing green 💚☘️🍀 #TB2013
  • New #Fortitude video/gif shared by @skyatlanticuk on Twitter.
  • Episode 8 of #Fortitude tonight at 9 on Sky Atlantic! Here's a new promotional still of Robert Sheehan with Michelle Fairley from episode 7. #Fortitude2
  • Can't get enough of Robbie? Join me in following the amazingly talented @robsheehanlovers! She's new to Instagram and this is her very first post! Who wouldn't want more of these? The more Sheehan edits the better 😉
  • Robert Sheehan has now updated his Twitter profile photo & bio! "Part cabbage at the best of times". Lol.

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Jet Trash
Role: Lee
Status: Completed
Release: Dec 9, 2016 (UK)
Fortitude (TV Series) S2
Role: Vladek
Status: Completed
Release: Jan 26, 2017 (Every Thurs)
Three Summers
Role: TBA
Status: Wrapped Filming
Release: Aug 2017 (Aus)
Role: Duncan
Status: Completed
Release: Oct 20, 2017 (US/UK)
Bad Samaritan
Role: Sean Falco
Status: Dec 5 - Jan 17 2017
Release: 2017
Role: TBA
Status: Completed
Release: 2017 (Netflix)
Song of Sway Lake
Role: Nikolai
Status: Post-production
Release: 2017
Mortal Engines
Role: Tom Natsworthy
Status: Now
Release: Dec 2018
Role: Eric
Status: TBA
Release: TBA
Invisible Sun
Role: Yazzer
Status: TBA
Release: TBA
Role: TBA
Status: Post-production
Release: TBA
This Family
Role: Danny
Status: TBA
Release: TBA
The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight
Role: Oliver
Status: Pre-production
Release: TBA

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“The Messenger” Release date and information

September 20th, 2015
Fran (Admin)

Metrodome have announced November 2 for the BluRay/DVD release of The Messenger (currently in UK Cinemas) and you can now Pre-Order your own copy via Amazon! (only DVD at the moment).

You can also find the film available on the following UK services;

Sky Store – Virgin – Amazon Instant Video – Blinkbox – Google Play – iTunes – Sony Network – Wuaki – Xbox


5x Brand new clips from “The Messenger” + Film Reviews

September 18th, 2015
Fran (Admin)

Edited Post:

Five brand new clips have released from Robert’s next fantastic film; The Messenger! In cinema’s today! Courtesy of Geeky Girls Love Sci Fi, Twitch Film, Bleeding Cool and NerdlyUK.

Clip 1 [Watch]
Clip 2 [Watch]
Clip 3 [Watch]
Clip 4 [Watch]
Clip 5 [Watch]


As well as a couple of good reviews have been coming through as well; [Read] [Read]
realmofhorror [Read] [Read]


Interview: Robert Sheehan Discusses His Role in Supernatural Drama “The Messenger” [Film 3Sixty]

September 18th, 2015
Fran (Admin)

Film 3Sixty Magazine spoke to Rob about the unglamorous independent production and how he tackled a character who everyone but himself sees as insane.

By Edward Frost |

Think of the name Robert Sheehan and perhaps what immediately springs to mind is the popular character he played in Channel 4 sci-fi comedy series Misfits (2009-2013) for two seasons. Sheehan was nominated for a BAFTA for his performance as Nathan Young, a raffish and charmingly funny Irishman who, after being struck with the power of immortality, spent the majority of his time cracking wise whilst figuring out the origins of his and his fellow community service workers’ newfound paranormal afflictions.

Though hailed as arguably the leading star of the show, Sheehan decided to step down from the role in 2011 at the height of its success, citing a desire to explore different roles, a variety of which came thick and fast and challenged audience’s perceptions of the effortlessly witty joker. His latest challenge comes in the form of supernatural drama The Messenger (2015), a gritty character study the likes of which audiences haven’t seen him star in before.


Sheehan plays Jack, a conflicted young man haunted both by damaging events in his childhood and, literally, by the recently deceased, with whom he has the abnormal gift of being able to communicate. Outwardly disturbed and treated as such by the authorities, his therapist (played by Joely Richardson) and concerned sister Emma (Lily Cole), Jack strives to maintain a normal life, however much he is dragged into the unfinished business of the dead.

A far bleaker alternative to M. Night Shyamalan’s The Sixth Sense (1999), The Messenger offers Sheehan a meaty role to really get to grips with, as well as the opportunity to work with jobbing director David Blair once again, who he collaborated with on an episode BBC anthology drama Accused in 2010. Blair sent him Andrew Kirk’s script over two years ago, but – as is the case with small-scale independent British films – production took a while to kick into gear. “Initially we had to say goodbye to the project in 2013 just as we were meant to start shooting, which was a great shame, but eventually it managed to make its way back together, which both delighted and surprised us!” says Sheehan, realising that such a weighty character was knocking around his head for a good couple of years.


Despite the film finally gaining funding, it didn’t stop the production from hitting several setbacks, leading to a decidedly unglamorous period of shooting that the starry cast, Sheehan admits, had to brave the harsh conditions of, and Blair had to go out of his way to guide his crew through. “There was a certain level of chaos on [The Messenger] due to there being a lot of location work and a frankly below-par production team, so David had to be a creative and safe pair of hands, and shoulder everything himself in order to keep everything moving along,” says Sheehan, who found his director to be just the right mixture of charming and cantankerous. “It was a very singular vision made with not even a fraction of the resources [David] was promised or was meant to be delivered, but he was fantastic throughout.”

Unlike Nathan, whose relationship with the looming spectre of death was played largely for laughs, the character of Jack proved to be a much more solemn undertaking and allowed Sheehan to continue his interest in central characters who are themselves outsiders, which is something he identifies with and is continuously attracted to. “What’s interesting about playing someone who has all the quirks, eccentricities and strangeness of an outsider or peripheral character is that you get so much more to explore,” he says. “It’s a really strongly written part, and it was somewhat fun to try and map out the arc of someone who starts as a young, sarcastic alcoholic and begins to have a mental breakdown. That journey was interesting, and saw David and I having endless debates about how one would communicate with the dead while maintaining a sense of normalcy.

Although he dabbled with research into personality disorders and, more specifically, acute schizophrenia – the diseases the doctor’s in the film believe Jack to have, Sheehan found that focusing not so much on the madness but the sanity of the character to be far more beneficial, as the film is told from his affected but not diagnostically ill viewpoint. Jack is genuinely experiencing these things as a reality, which lead the actor to consider how to exactly convey a simultaneous sense of craziness and rationality, something his director was more than willing to help flesh out.

As mentioned, the character of Jack is the latest in a steady stream of distinctive role choices for Sheehan post-Misfits, which has lead him to broaden his horizons and take on a more international range. From adventure fantasy The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (2013) to WWII drama Anita B. (2014) and US drama The Road Within (2014) – which saw him playing someone with Tourette’s Syndrome, the actor continues his bid to be as diverse and unpredictable as possible, however cautious he is of the perils of being too selective. “If you’re constantly looking for something that you feel isn’t derivative of your previous work then it can make the process a little harder, but I’ve been very lucky in the sense that I’ve always got a chance to play very different characters, and will continue to do that as much as possible.


It seems that Sheehan’s ability to eradicate ego from the equation – and adopt Nicolas Cage, an old cast-mate’s, advice that the only power an actor has over a film is to accept the director’s vision wholeheartedly – is continuing to pay artistic dividends, and allowing him to branch off into other areas of the industry. After conquering television and film, Sheehan is now treading the boards of Kingston’s Rose Theatre in Trevor Dunn’s revival of John Barton and Peter Hall’s landmark Shakespearean trilogy, ‘The Wars of the Roses’, a production he finds is much pacier and more focused than other Shakespeare plays.

This, as well as Dustin Lance Black’s adaptation of Jennifer E. Smith’s novel ‘The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight’, a “sobering examination of love and attachment told at a time when lot of films sell a kind of sensational and outlandish love to young people that doesn’t really exist,” ensures that Sheehan is well on his way to gaining the universal recognition he rightly deserves, however much he continues to be fascinated by misfits.


Long Post: x3 Interviews for “The Messenger”

September 17th, 2015
Fran (Admin)

Three interviews with Robert Sheehan were released today! Sheehan talks mainly about his next exciting film release; The Messenger that opens in London on September 18 and September 25 for the rest of UK!

The HeyUGuys Interview: Robert Sheehan talks The Messenger

On the day of The Messenger‘s world premiere at the 69th Edinburgh’s International Film Festival, its star all stocked up on peppermint tea and sandwiches to see him through his press commitments, HeyUGuys sat down with Misfits actor Robert Sheehan in the city’s Grassmarket to talk about his latest film, a supernatural thriller about a reluctant psychic named Jack who is plagued by ghostly requests.

Jack’s latest assignment comes from Mark (Jack Fox), a deceased journalist wishing for him to pass a posthumous message onto Sarah (Tamzin Merchant). With so much media and police attention surrounding the tragedy, however, Jack can’t make contact without drawing attention to himself, and to his misunderstood abilities. That’s the last thing his sister (Lily Cole) wants, particularly as her lawyer husband is involved in the case.

The project had been around for a while before Sheehan became attached; Andrew Kirk’s script being a long-gestating passion project for director David Blair (or Overlord Blair, as Sheehan dubs him, “with the most wonderful moustache in the universe”), who had previously worked with the actor on BBC drama Accused back in 2012.

He sent me the script and asked: was I interested in doing it? And I said: yes. I jumped two feet first in — the script was absolutely dynamite. It was really strong from the get-go, and I thought the main character — the Jack character — was the strongest written out of the page. And it just seemed ridiculous to pass it up.

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